Health Club Audio and sound systems


Leisure Sound Solutions are proud to announce the launch of gives our customers the chance to purchase directly from us online and keeps the fitness industry in the UK up to date with the best Fitness Audio products available.

Follow this link to our new exciting shop that includes -

Aeromic 87419

Aeromic – the gold standard in head-worn microphones for fitness. Up to 50 classes per week.

Cyclemic – Aeromics group cycling brother!! the best microphone for the unique position that teachers / instructors sit for a group cycle class. Up to 50 classes per week.

E-Mic – “Exercise Microphone” or E-Mic is the next best thing to the Aeromic or Cyclemic. Up to 20 classes per week.

Aeromix- the best voice over music mixers for group exercise

Aerolink – Bluetooth for group exercise

UHF and VHF frequency wireless microphone systems purpose built for group exercise classes and sweat resistance.

New Digital frequency wireless microphone systems that reduce interference and microphone squeal. And still at the same price as the UHF system.

Miiego Bluetooth Headphones for exercisers, runners and action seekers.